Erasmus Charter – Statement Policy

Erasmus Charter

Erasmus Charter 2021-2027

Erasmus Policy Statement

At CUT we recognize that physical and spatial freedom is a major driving force for educational excellence and innovation especially as the world quickly becomes increasingly digital. As a technological university we also recognize the importance of technology in shaping the future of Europe and the world, the implications it poses and the responsibility towards addressing the global societal and environmental challenges.

Our institutional internationalisation and modernization strategy takes into account European policy priorities for higher education and through our participation in the Erasmus Programme we strive to:


1. Materialize our commitment to a fully inclusive education.

2. Enhance creativity and innovation of our staff and students by providing mobility opportunities and lifelong learning to everyone

3. Align our education, research, and knowledge exchange activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

4. Rapidly proceed with the digital transformation of our educational programmes and of our student and staff mobility management.

5. Encourage multilingualism, multiculturalism and integration of international and cultural minority students

6. Advocate for key policy recommendations in line with our human- centered European vision of technology.

7. Implement the European Student Card and align our systems to fully support the ErasmusWithoutPaper Network fully automatic mutual recognition of learning outcomes.

8. Support our Academic Learning Centre to introduce innovative and inclusive pedagogical frameworks to enhance the use of blended learning to enable blended mobilities.

9. Introduce new innovative and inclusive Learning spaces

Our strategy aspires to place the European and international component at the heart of all CUT activities towards the realization of our common European Educational Area by 2025.


Our highest priority is the construction of EUt+ “European University of Technology”. Together with our partner institutions we are responding to the call for the European Universities initiative aspiring to contribute to the future of education of Europe.

As CUT and as part of EUt+ we empower our students to become technologically literate professionals and European citizens. We also ensure that they are well-qualified to play a fruitful role in society, aware of the broader implications of technological development and of their responsibility towards global challenges.