“Everybody needs some-buddy“

Following the celebrations of the Erasmus+ 30 years WE at the Erasmus Office of Cyprus University of Technology have started a series of initiatives aimed at highlighting the social part of the Erasmus+!

The “Everybody needs some-buddy“ initiative would like to make sure that your arrival and first days ( and for sure the whole duration of your Erasmus Mobility 😉 ) will be a memory worth sharing !


Having a Buddy will make you feel that Limassol is your home ! More precisely your buddy will:

• Help you to adapt in your new home easily and painlessly
• Assist you in establishing a social network at CUT
• Give information on how to get around and valuable information (nearest super market, events and other activities)
• Practice with you a foreign language.
• Help you integrate in the social and cultural world of Limassol and Cyprus
Join us at incoming@cut.ac.cy 

The Erasmus CUT Team